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The 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding DJ - by Chattanooga's DJ Mark

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

The 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding DJ Before You Sign a Contract - by DJ Mark Douglas 1. Can I see a copy of your Business License? a. Every professional DJ must have a license and HIS/HER name should be printed on it. And you shouldn't have to look far for it; it should be readily available on the internet. b. DJ Mark’s license is posted on his Facebook page. 2. Do you have your own Professional Business Website or do you rely on someone else’s to get gigs? a. Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Now you will know if this guy/gal is a goof or semi-serious or a real pro. Every Professional should have their very own Business Website and Business Facebook page, it’s really that simple. b. DJ Mark has his own Website: and Facebook page: You can find an unreal treasure trove of background information, gig photos, Satisfied Customer quotes and mixed mp3 samples that coincides with the DJ Planner you receive upon booking. And DJ Mark personally mixed these samples from his home DJ/Recording Studio. 3. Can I have a list of 3 Recent Referrals? a. You must check that others approve of this DJ! Also make sure they are recent and not just the DJ’s favorite. Throw the red flag if they date back a few months or years. b. DJ Mark will gladly give you three to ten recent referrals, one for each of the previous two months of weekends – Proving that he’s serious about his 5-Star Status. 4. Do you provide me a detailed Samples Booklet with thousands of samples, categorized for every event so I can pick out my favorite songs while I’m at home at my leisure? a. If your DJ wants YOU to do all the research yourself and send him a list, you may not dealing with a Professional Wedding DJ. b. DJ Mark provides you with THE only tool you will need – a detailed custom-made DJ Planner which includes sections for announced names, toast and Timelines that should answer ALL of the questions you have, rendering you… almost worriless. Then DJ Mark provides a link for you to complete the Digital DJ Planner - you simply take your physical DJ Planner answers and transfer them to the digital world... Is there anything this DJ can't do? 5. What types of lighting comes standard with my package? a. No lights will equal a Boring evening and most DJ’s make you pay extra for it while some don’t even have lights. b. DJ Mark has an incredible laser light show and a color themed beat flickering Dance Floor Spot Light, standard with every purchased package. 6. Exactly, what sound system will you be using at my event and do you play music with CD’s or digital mp3’s? a. Get the exact amp and speaker model numbers and compare their sound package with other DJ’s. It’s amazing what DJ’s will bring to your event – the smallest and cheapest equipment possible in order to get in and out, having performed as little work as possible. b. DJ Mark brings Commercial Grade Bose Equipment, simply the best. c. Playing music with CD’s equals a very low song selection and not getting your requests played in a timely manner. This DJ will also have a significant lag time between reading the crowd and adjusting the music to meet its needs. d. DJ Mark plays all his music from a collection of high quality digital mp3’s - 75,000 - and can play your requests within seconds. 7. Will you be the DJ at my event? a. Or will they hire a friend of a friend who is looking to make extra money on the weekends? Many times the DJ you speak with tries to overbook their dates, hires friends to help cover, takes a huge cut, and leaves you with a college guy that doesn’t even own the DJ equipment he’s using – You won’t be getting what you’ve paid for. You should do a Google search of this DJ’s first and last name to see what comes up. b. It’s amazing to me how many people will hire a DJ company because of their name alone. The Bride is even told up front – ‘one of our professional DJ’s will take good care of you.’ Now think about this… If you talking to a professional DJ company at a bridal show and someone says ‘somebody will take care of you,’ you must ask yourself: why isn’t this DJ right here in front of me, talking with me right now? And what could he possibly be doing to occupy his time today - the day of the Bridal Show? What's more important than meeting me today? - Flipping Burgers I assure you. c. DJ Mark is always the DJ at every event he books. Make sure that your contract guarantees that the DJ who sold you the package is also the one at your event. 8. Will you need a 6 foot or 8 foot long table? a. If the answer is Yes, Run, don’t walk away. Why don’t they have a professional DJ Booth or stand? Your guests may easily see the equipment, wires, etc. - Kinda sketchy. b. This also means that the DJ may be sitting down… HUGE No No! If your DJ spends most of his time sitting down then so will your guests – What A Let Down. c. DJ Mark brings a high standing Custom-Made DJ Booth which hides wires and paperwork from your guests - Clean and Tight! And no surprise here, DJ Mark doesn't own a DJ stool or chair so he won't be sitting down. His aim is to get your crowd dancing. No one will doubt who the dance floor ring leader is, DJ Mark. 9. What will you be wearing at the event? a. Your DJ should stand out. And a Suit and tie doesn’t cut it! Does he look like a DJ or a pallbearer? You should want a DJ that looks the part – Hip and ready to dance while remaining professional. Professional is not: long sleeved shirt with a stripped or checked pattern, short sleeve shirt, Hawaiian type shirt, grubby facial hair, unkempt hair, untucked shirt, dirty stains, etc. The one constant you will find is that when one red flag arises, others will follow. b. DJ Mark’s outfit consists of a Black Trilby, a solid white or grey cuff linked button-down shirt with silver cuff links, a white undershirt, an all-white Belt with a silver belt buckle, a solid black and fitted pair of slacks, and solid white dancing shoes – the shirt and slacks are professionally dry-cleaned weekly. 10. Do you get out from behind your booth to prompt the crowd and teach them group dances, etc.? a. Or will they find a nice comfortable spot on the DJ Chair to plop down to relax while dining on your fabulously catered meal? Enthusiasm is one of the Hallmarks of a Great Professional DJ! What does your gut tell you? You should listen to it. Because at the end of your night the $200 difference between Unreal Awesome and O.K. Adequate won’t seem like a lot of money… maybe you should have hired the Professional. b. DJ Mark will simply amaze you and your guests. On a weekly basis guests and betrothed alike convey to DJ Mark they’ve had the times of their lives. And it’s all because DJ Mark has the know-how and energy to get out on the dance floor and get your group dancing, teach them the all the right moves and keep things moving with no down time from start to finish.

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