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Wedding Blogs & Vlogs of DJ Mark's Chattanooga Weddings, Cleveland TN Weddings & Dalton GA Weddings.


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All With Class Pic-Vid Blogs are catagorized right here by year...


-If at all possible we try to create a Pic/Vid Blog for every single event; almost all of our events have their own Blog and are logged right here.

-The blogs from July of 2014 to December of 2017 host a FREE HD Video created from GoPro footage shot at the event.


Events are complete with the following... 


1. Most of the time we snap HD Pics and Super High Def GoPro Footage.

2. I upload your footage to Dropbox and send you a link to download.

3. You are encouraged to create your own video using my pics, your pro-pics, and my video media.

4. If it's really great I'll host your video on my YouTube page: youtube.com/WithClassLLC

5. Either way I create a new Pic/Vid Blog, uploading all the HD Pics.

6. We Pin the HD Pics from the new Blog to Pinterest. 

7. We upload the HD Pics to Facebook - facebook.com/WithClassLLC

8. On Facebook we post our best HD Couple shot with Blog and Pinterest Links.

9. If applicable, on Facebook we post the YouTube link to the HD Video. 

10. We share the Blog, Pinterest and Facebook links with the client. 

The following is simply a live feed of our Blogger page...

We also have a new ESSAY BLOG,

just click here:

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