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Wedding Blogs & Vlogs of DJ Mark's Chattanooga Weddings, Cleveland TN Weddings & Dalton GA Weddings.


I've made your research EASY.
All With Class Pic-Vid Blogs are categorized right here by year...

  • I blog every single Wedding, from 2011 to present. All blog links are available right here, listed in chronological order.

  • My blogs from January of 2011 through June of 2014 include HD pics, no video.

  • My blogs from July of 2014 to December of 2017 include HD pics AND a FREE edited HD Video created from HD pics and wide-angle GoPro clips; these finished videos are hosted on my YouTube page.

  • Wedding blogs from January 2018 through December 2021 are hosted in a Dropbox folder which includes HD pics and wide-angle GoPro footage.

  • Wedding blogs from January 2021 to present are uploaded to a Dropbox folder which includes HD pics and wide-angle iPhone footage shot at the event.

My Weddings are complete with the following... 

  1. I snap High Definition Pics and iPhone Video Footage.

  2. I upload all my Pics and Video to Dropbox and within seven days send you a link via email so you can download and share the content.

  3. After each Wedding I post my best HD Wedding Ceremony or Reception shot, along with additional equipment setup pics via Instagram & Facebook.

  4. I create and post a video montage of the dance party.

  5. Some of the content makes it's way to this website. 

  • You are encouraged to create your own video using my pics, your pro-pics, and my video media.

We also have a new ESSAY BLOG,

just click here:

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