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Wedding Shine, w/ Raise Your Glass Events Chattanooga!

Raise Your Glass Weddings and Events, Chattanooga, TN
Raise Your Glass Events, Chattanooga, TN

Over the past 5 years I've had the honor to work with the distinguished 'Raise Your Glass Events' Chattanooga. They are a team of wedding professionals that truly know how to make their customers happy. Chandler, Joshua, Paige, Stanley and Doug always have a smile on their faces and a spring in their step. As a Wedding DJ, and a tall 6'7" DJ at that, I sometimes have the opportunity to watch what's going on during my events. As you may guess I've seen a lot of good, bad and ugly from just behind my DJ perch in the middle of a hustling and bustling wedding. I can easily say that the true professionals stand out because firstly their events are perfectly planned and secondly because if a situation arises it's quickly defused by the fast-thinking experienced pros at Raise Your Glass Events.

7-5-19 Dobson Wedding | DJ Mark w/ Raise Your Glass Weddings and Events, Chattanooga, TN
7-5-19 Dobson Wedding | DJ Mark w/ Raise Your Glass Events, Chattanooga, TN at Hunter Museum

I'm also very pleased to see their professional work versatility. They are licenced to handle the bar, they provide catering, staffing, DJ's, lighting, photographers, videographers, florists, cake makers, coordination, and venues. They do this with years of experience and by getting to know and maintaining relationships their fellow wedding vendors. A vendor like Raise Your Glass Events has the expertise and knowledge of the wedding industry so you can trust their opinion. Seeing fellow vendors in-action is a whole different story than what you might see on a website. I've seen nothing but hard work and consistency from where I stand. And I know they see that in me because they tell their clients about me.

1-19-19 Lapinski | DJ Mark w/ Raise Your Glass Events, Chattanooga, TN at The Read House

Bottom line, when I arrive at a wedding event in or around Chattanooga and see my great friends at Raise Your Glass Events I get a huge smile on my face. That's because I know it's going to be a great night. Yes there's going to be an epic party, as usual. But it's going to be even better because we will all be blessed with the smooth operations that come with hiring Raise Your Glass Events. Call them today and see for yourself what everyone is talking about. Their number is 423-269-6946. Their website is


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