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The Scoop! Ready to learn about some behind-the-scenes Wedding nonsense?

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Let's Chat, Shall We?

I often write things, lots of things... especially when I've had an interesting experience here in the Wedding business.

I want to write about the good, bad, and the ugly. The behind the scenes info, the crazy details, the forethought, and the basic talent, with a tiny bit of luck, that makes DJ Mark and Degree Carrying and Certified Wedding Planner, Cheron J. Douglas, CWP, THE best Wedding Duo in Chattanooga - bar none.

People, you wouldn't believe the stories I could tell you of the biggest Bridezilla's and the Worst Vendors you will ever know! #DRAMA - And I will, but I'll have to use fake names as to not divulge anyone or their businesses.

But I will want to! And trust me you will want me to as well! But the game works like this...

Businesses of all walks can't tell on other businesses in a public setting. The backlash is a landslide of people questioning your professionalism and class, even if you were 100% in the right!!!

So I'll tell you some stories, and even if you do not believe them, they will be true. They are entertaining, they are sad, and you will think they are so very preventable. But I have a news flash: Stupid is as stupid does, and, you can't change stupid - even after I've explained and warned in great and no uncertain detail about X and Y. Just sit back and enjoy the show!

When you fail to plan you plan to fail. And my motto is "Lights Camera Details!"

Hey, what a start!

Also, If you want the Greatest DJ you will ever know to DJ your party, my number is 423-314-3094.

You can't go wrong with Research,

DJ Mark

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