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Let's Get This Essay Blog Started, Chattanooga's DJ Mark!

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

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This is the place where I, DJ Mark, can talk in depth about Chattanooga Weddings, DJing / Disc Jockey, and Coordinator / Coordination / Planning / Planner, Disco Lights / Lighting / Uplighting / Laser Lighting, Disco Balls, the Dancing DJ, Partying, Parties, the Party, Nikon, GoPro, Flash Photography / Photographer, you know, all that stuff at Event Venues that offer Ceremony and/or Receptions, while adding links to improve my SEO results... Super! (notice how I just used some major keywords)

Cheron J. Douglas, CWP (Certified Wedding Planner) will also be writting in this Blog.

I've already created a Blog and have alot of content, but it's a Pic Blog hosted by Blogger and the content are HD Pics!

So now I get to talk about the Wedding Biz from here, within my website.

Let me start by linking a few more things:






Google Plus Biz Page

Google Plus DJ Mark Page

Google Plus Cheron J. Douglas, CWP Page

My "Pink Bride" Page

Let the Content Begin!

DJ Mark



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