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Let's Get This Essay Blog Started, Chattanooga's DJ Mark!

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Chris and Kira Willis Photography of Chattanooga, TN
Chris and Kira Willis Photography


This is the place where I, DJ Mark, can talk in depth about Chattanooga Weddings, DJing / Disc Jockey, and Coordinator / Coordination / Planning / Planner, Disco Lights / Lighting / Uplighting / Laser Lighting, Disco Balls, the Dancing DJ, Partying, Parties, the Party, Nikon, GoPro, Flash Photography / Photographer, you know, all that stuff at Event Venues that offer Ceremony and/or Receptions, while adding links to improve my SEO results... Super! (notice how I just used some major keywords)

Cheron J. Douglas, CWP (Certified Wedding Planner) will also be writting in this Blog.

I've already created a Blog and have alot of content, but it's a Pic Blog hosted by Blogger and the content are HD Pics!

So now I get to talk about the Wedding Biz from here, within my website.

Let me start by linking a few more things:






Google Plus Biz Page

Google Plus DJ Mark Page

Google Plus Cheron J. Douglas, CWP Page

My "Pink Bride" Page

Let the Content Begin!

DJ Mark


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